Ritorni e lasagne

lasagne 2

C’e’ voluto un anno perchè ritornassi al blog, e non mi pare che dall’anno scorso sia cambiato molto. Questa città, a volte, mi soffoca e l’unico modo per sfuggire al tedio è ritornare con il pensiero, le parole, i colori al passato. Alle amicizie che ho lasciato in Italia, a quelle che in Italia non ci stanno piu’ ma continuano a portarsela in giro in valigia. Alle serate interminabili sui pavimenti freschi di gres per sfuggire al caldo, le chiacchere caciare con un bicchiere in mano e la semplice voglia di stare assieme a discutere di massimi sistemi.

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Autumn longing + roasted tomatoes soup with homemade bread


The week-ends are made for cooking. At least in this household. It does not matter that in our apartment I feel, at times, like a hard boiled egg placed in a microwave; I shall roast, bake and fry the hell out of this summer anyway.

It’s only July but I am starting to long the chill of September.

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Il sapore dell’umami & Cold udon salad with caramelized tuna

English recipe below


Ma come si fa a non amare un paese che ha inventato Lupin? Solo il genio di Miyazaki avrebbe potuto mettere insieme personaggi come Ji Ghen, Goemon e Fugiko.

Arsenio Lupin è stato il mio primo amore di bambina. Un amore allampanato come lui, con le sue sigarette storte e le sue sfortune sentimentali. Non so se sia stato il mio prematuro invaghirsi oppure la quantità spropositata di ramen ingurgitati dall’Ispettore Zenigata, ma io del Giappone mi sono innamorata quasi istantaneamente.

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FOMD and octopus alla Luciana


If one day I am ever confronted with any sort of apocalyptic scenario and need to pick a small gang to bring to an island, D2 would be definitely on my list. Aside from being one of my best friends, the choice would also have critical survival implications since he’s much taller than the viking and I.

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The joys of pasta


When I was younger I was not a big fan of pasta. I could still finish a 1 kg Fiorentina t-bone steak (Medium rare, please) and eat two-three servings of wild boar stew that had bubbled for hours on a stove and literally melted in your mouth; but pasta left me unimpressed. Lately my taste buds are experiencing a copernican revolution because I would eat pasta even for breakfast. Which, incidentally, is one of the best cures for hangovers.

If  the French have a cheese for every day of the year, Italians follow their european cousins with a similar number of shapes for their pasta.*

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Cooking therapy and gallette aux tomates


Have you ever noticed, as the holidays approach, reality increasingly resembles the season finale of the walking dead?  It’s almost like the stars perfectly align with Saturn just to p**ss you off for free. Today, in the midst of a review of the office work plan, while I was trying to make sense of complete and utter chaos, a vein on my forehead started to pound and I seriously thought this might happen.

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